The Autobiographical Time Traveling Adventures of Me

Short episodes of Doc Moran’s adventures as a Time Traveler and also his own grandfather.

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Tuesday Feb 14, 2023

The stage is set in the heart of New York .

Episode 2 -Track 61

Monday Feb 27, 2023

Monday Feb 27, 2023

The action begins!

Monday Mar 06, 2023

The villains reveal themselves, and they really suck.
(Misspelling on purpose)

Episode 4 - M42!

Tuesday Mar 14, 2023

Tuesday Mar 14, 2023

A journey to the secret power station beneath Grand Central 

Tuesday Mar 21, 2023

The dangers of sand. Accents a-go-go. Eleanor Roosevelt has a dirty mouth. Brought to you by Hot Fix Sideshow. ( IG: @hotfixsideshow )

Episode 6 - The Jig Is Up

Wednesday Mar 29, 2023

Wednesday Mar 29, 2023

Barney Moran makes his first appearance. Eleanor Roosevelt kicks . Tables turn. Brought to you by Poubelle Bags -

Tuesday Apr 04, 2023

The exciting conclusion to Chapter 1!
Brought to you by Ayn Teigman


The Autobiographical Time Travelling Adventures of Me

Former nightlife impressario and cartoonist Doc Moran recounts his adventures through space and Time and also his days as a natzi- busting Super Secret Agent in which he was his own grandfather. Plus 1970s stuff. I'm making this up as I go along.

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